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Beavers enjoy an evening of Bellboating

A late September 2019 evening and the wet weather didn’t stop the Houghton Beavers getting even wetter on the River Soar. An oar-some time was had by all, and lots of Paddle Sports badges earn’t too.

Beavers enjoy the Houghton Group Camp

Twenty Houghton Beavers joined 20 Houghton Cubs and 12 Scouts for this year’s Group Camp held at the Oaks Campsite.

Beavers enjoy a night at the observatory

The Beavers spent an evening at the University of Leicester observatory learning how a telescope works and about the planets in our solar system, before having a chance to view Mars!

“Ethan had a great night, he couldn’t wait to tell me all about it.”

Thanks so much for Charlie – he said it was awesome! X

Time to learn a new sport…

Well, we did let the Beavers know that it was a new sport this week so they were quite excited but I think we may have surprised them!! Safe to say none of them were expecting fencing! Yes, we let them have a go with swords…

Suffice to say, they had a great time! Thanks to Chris Wedd from the County fencing team for making it all possible. I think you might be back quicker than expected!